March 03, 2012

Weekend Fever at Shimen Movie Park

    My brother, Gary and I went to Weekend Fever on 2/18. Weekend Fever is an organization which is dedicated to promote fashion, independant brands, arts, and even charity, environmental protection, etc. The organization is devoted to hold different events, including the compound market( W.F.C.M.), the charity bazaar( W.F.C.B.), the theme market( W.F.T.M), and the WEEKEND STUNNER( W.S.), which is a singing competition. However, according to their facebook fan page, since the organization was founded, only the compound market and the theme market have been held. The other two are yet to come. Probably, I guess, they’re still waiting for more fund and reputation. As for the market, based on my experience, it really worth participating. Stepping into the Shimen Movie Park, one can really feel the change of atmosphere immediately. It was a sense of vividness and youth. Young people, maybe not so seriously trying to make the world different, however at least, try to make the world look better, and feel nicer. Here, I don’t mean “good” by any world-wide famous brand or some mix-and-match rules, but the attitude. Anyway, the Weekend Fever events have been, and probably will still be, held monthly. Each month they’ve got a specific theme as the dress code, not acquired for attending though. The next one will fall on 3/10,11, and I heard that the theme will be “black.” Kinda easy to prepare, eh?

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你的部落格真有質感 =)

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