April 30, 2012

Daily__台大, 台北


    C’est Violette. We took the same French class and She’s also from my department. Today after class, I asked if I could take a picture of her and put it on my blog. Even though I’ve dicided to do some street snapshots for a while and have had some experiences, I have never really taken pictures of those who I meet randomly “on the street,” and thus kind of nervous.  

  這是系上的學姐,不知道是否跟她過去長期住在義大利有關,每次看到她總覺得有股很渾然天成的自信散發。今天法文下課後我鼓起勇氣上前詢問能否幫她拍張照,雖然打算做街拍有一陣子了,也陸續拍了一些照片,但不同於以往在Weekend Fever或是手_手市集,參加的人們多少有預期也期待被人街拍,這次則真的是「在街上」找人拍攝,詢問的當下還是滿緊張的。

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